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Minecraft, the Golden Ratio, and a new journey

October 2, 2013

I’m baaaack…. did anyone miss me?

Laugh. Probably not. Don’t know if anyone reads these posts. I haven’t written very many yet. I hope to be better about that in the future.

So, to start with… let me tell you what I have been working on: a history cum math book which utilizes Minecraft as a tool for students to create representations of what they have learned. And in the process of researching ideas to include in the book, it occurred to me that one of the best possible mathematical topics for exploration with minecraft would be the Golden Ratio.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the idea of the Golden ratio and its use in Minecraft building  is not a new one. There are quite a few  references to the idea, including quite a few youtube videos, Here and Here for example.

There are also wikis such as: The Elites of Minecraft_The Architect which go into great detail about how to use the Golden Ratio in Minecraft building. And finally, there is the following site: The Godcraftian’s Guide to Building: How can I become a great Builder.  All of these sites offer wonderful information for the mechanics of minecraft and I urge you to explore them. They also provided me with a host of ideas and information upon which to draw in writing my own book and I will be very careful to credit them all. This is an exciting and wonderful time to be exploring the world of mathematics and history…  I hope you will join me on that journey.



Creating a Minecraft server

September 15, 2013



In the wonderful world of Minecraft, there always comes that moment when you decide that you have to create a server. When that moment comes, you dive in, never realizing just how rapidly the waters become deep, just how far in over your head you really are.

 But do not despair. Others have been there before and there are many, many places to turn to for help. Here, on this friendly little page, I have collected a few of those resources so that you won’t have to go looking:

The first of these is a blog article: How to make a Minecraft Server: A safer game experience for Kids  — I mention this article because it specifically talks about designing a server that is kid-friendly, i.e. no swearing, no griefing, with search capabilities if a child (or adult!) should lose his or her home. How I wish I had found this article when I first began building my own server!

HERE you will find a youtube video on how to create a MInecraft video for version 1.6.2. — this is for those of you who do better with a visual/audio demonstration.

On THIS PAGE you will find a collection of links about building Minecraft Servers, including one on building servers for the XBox version and a link to the Minecraft wiki page.

This is a nice, brief blog post on how to make a ‘good’ server — and the advice is good advice, though not technical in nature. It deals with other aspects of running a server that one really should consider.

Another useful blog for parents creating a server is THIS blog post entitled: The Parents’ Guide to a Minecraft Server for your Kids.


Once you have decided to create a Minecraft server, you need to decide how many people you plan to host. If you will be hosting more than just your family, my advice would be to seriously consider using an outside Server Host. I have several reasons for this: (1) If you host the game on your computer, Minecraft and its attendant plugins/mods/maps etc will eat up space on your computer faster than you can imagine. If you are hosting a lot of people, you will quickly run out of space and the game will very quickly begin to lag for your players. (2) Hosting the game on your computer, opens your computer up to a wide range of security issues.

So… if you are planning to start a Multiplayer server — and believe me, if you have children, they will rapidly move to a level where they very much WANT to play Multiplayer — and you want to go with a remote Server, the first step is to choose the best Server Host for your needs. But which one? There are more than a few.

McProHosting is one of the best known. It is the one that hosts Hypixel‘s server. (They are one of the Demigods of Minecraft. You may not know the name but believe me, your children will recognize it.) It is the one my son uses for his server. But is it the best one for you? Well, in order to give you some options, I have searched out reviews of the top Server Hosting sites. You can find them at the links below:

1) The Best Minecraft Server Hosts

2) THIS post not only offers a list of the top rated Server Hosts but also offers an approach for how to determine what YOU in particular might need out of a server — a very useful list indeed.

3) And HERE is a third list of server hosts and reviews of the aforementioned. You should look at this site, if only for the sidebar in which the poster discusses ‘Minecraft and Time management’ — Grin. It is well worth a read. Believe me!

So off you go! Have a wonderful time. Creating a server is hard work — labor almost. But your children’s delight is a reward worth the effort and they will quickly become involved,  and you will all learn more and faster than you would ever have believed possible,